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30/08 11:00 10 Bucks (R+A 1... Texas Hold'em Rs.10+Rs.1 Late Reg.
30/08 11:30 Freeroll Bonanz... Texas Hold'em FreerollFreeroll Registering
30/08 13:00 APT MANILA STEP... Texas Hold'em Rs.15+Rs.1 Registering
30/08 13:00 Sundowner (1 Re... Texas Hold'em Rs.300+Rs.30 Registering
30/08 13:00 Satty to Sunday... Texas Hold'em Rs.100+Rs.10 Registering



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1  fultufun 10,450.15
2  BlackUchiha 8,756.3
3  pokernoob 7,867.5
4  spectre 6,647.16
5  mantu91 5,619.49

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The Millionaire Tournament!

Two new signature tournaments introduced at Spartan Poker

There's no better word for a poker player to hear than 'value'. And value is the cornerstone of the new tournaments which have been recently at

The Millionaire

This mega tournament has INR 10 lakhs as its guaranteed first place prize for a buy-in of just INR 5,500! The Millionaire will take place on the first Sunday of every month. Read more HERE .

The Gutshot

This weekly tournament on Wednesday nights at 10:30 pm has a 1 lac GTD prizepool but more importantly it gives away INR 25,000 as its guaranteed first place prize for a buy-in of just INR 99! Read more HERE .


Pro Blogs

Samoh - #BacktoBasics - Getting Started - Thought Process

Hey Folks,

Its been a while since I blogged and have been thinking about starting a blog series which can help a lot of beginners . So , back to basics is a series which will focus on helping the up an coming players with the nuances of poker.

My biggest question when I started this game and saw many great players play was , whats going on in their head and how exactly are they thinking in a particular situation.
Poker as a game has too many variables and its pretty much to impossible to know what is the correct thing to do in a given situation unless you think about it in the correct way.

For example, in the 2 hands I have posted in a facebook group for feedback there were many different answers, thought processes and solutions to the given situation . If u closely watch the comments you will notice that many good players had different opinions.

Is it because one player is better than the other? No. Its about weightage. How much weightage would you give to a particular information to come to a conclusion.

In a particular hand ( 100-200) when I had QQ pre flop 35bb effective ( 70bb stack but was a straddled pot) , an extremely tight player opens pre to 2100 for the first time ( he has been limp calling/folding his entire range irrespective of position for the 50 dd hands I have played with him/her). My question was would I go with this hand irrespective coz " we have queens yo" or just fold.

How I thought about it : Extremely tight passive. I would expect this player to have pretty much ZERO bluffs in his range. He is definitely getting it in irrespective.
When you talk about tight players, one thing which I have noticed in my experience is that people consider AK, AQ to be drawing hands and are scared to go even HU with those hands. The primary reason is because they dont know what to do if they miss the flop. So they tend to open larger than usual with those hands.
With this in mind I do not think we are in great shape against against his range ( Flipping at best) and decide to fold coz we will get much better spots with far more equity in the future and we dont need to take this high variance spot now.

In this situation I gave a lot more weightage to the type of player than anything else. If you read about the hand in the forum you will see the different possible outcomes people came up with.

Always remember that no one is wrong. Its all about how much weightage you give to a particular information you have.

Thats all for this one. Good luck at the tables!


Abhishek Jalan wins record breaking IOPC Main Event!

21 year old Abhishek Jalan from Varanasi emerged victorious in the biggest ever Main Event at the India Online Poker Championship series outlasting 420 entries and in doing so he also claimed the Player of the Series title! Read more about his win


Windfall Tournaments now at Spartan Poker!

Imagine spinning your way to a payout of INR 60 lacs for an investment of just INR 2,000?!! Well this is a reality now with our latest offering in Windfall, a tournament format where players can spin their way to a mega bonanza prizepool! Read more about Windfall tournaments HERE

Akash Shekhar and Vikram Kumar win APT Manila packages!

One of the most popular destinations in South East Asia for poker is the fun, vibrant city of Manila in the Philippines. The Asian Poker Tour (APT) is a premier live event which takes place in the Filipino capital and has been a player favourite for a number of years. Spartan Poker has entered into an exclusive tie-up for 2016 with the APT in order to run satellites for their event. The upcoming Philippines II event qualifiers which ran on Spartan saw two package winners emerge on 3 and 10 July in Akash Shekhar from Gurgaon and Vikram Kumar from Chennai. Both players each won a package containing a Main Event seat worth $2,200 plus hotel stay and return air tickets! Now that's what you call super value!

Read about Akash's win HERE and about Vikram's HERE .

Jatin 'yankee1' Kukreja is Knockout Mayhem Champ!

This month’s biggest score goes to a young 22 year Faridabad native Jatin “yankee1” Kukreja who topped a massive field of 316 entries to take home the title of KO Mayhem Champion in this mega tournament held on Sunday night at A princely sum of INR 6.38 lacs was also going his way for a rock solid performance in this event. In yet another record breaking event, the Knockout Mayhem tournament surpassed its original guarantees with ease. The event had a buy-in of INR 6,500 from which INR 1,000 was the bounty component. By the end of late registration, this Mayhem event drew a huge turnout of 316 entries (248 players, 58 re-entries) and Kukreja not only took the top prize but he was also the biggest bounty hunter of the night claiming 19 bounties adding another 19,000 to his overall winner’s purse!

You can read the full report of this mega event HERE

Jagdeep Singh wins Pok-O-lympics; wins Greece holiday!

Poker pro Jagdeep Singh outlasted lasted many contenders to take down the Pok-O-lympics at This leaderboard challenge ran through the month of April and had a Gold, Silver and Bronze leaderboard. The most consistent player who topped all leaderboards would win an all expense paid trip to the beautiful Mediterranean country of Greece. Jagdeep won this trip for two which included return air tickets to Athens, Greece as well as a 7 night stay in a 5 star hotel stay for topping the leaderboard.

Jagdeep Singh is an engineer and MBA from IIM Indore and decided to quit the corporate rat race in 2013 to turn his serious hobby of play poker into a full time profession. And it paid rich dividends over the past 30 months that he’s been playing full time.

“Poker gives me the financial and personal independence to work on things that I really enjoy doing like travelling and reading. Its important to realise that money is just the means and not the end,” says Singh.

You can read his full interview HERE


Griboshin 'grib' Vellanthrov wins record breaking PGOL Main Event

The second edition of PokerGuru Online League (PGOL) Season 4 concluded with a massive INR 65.55 lakhs being awarded in prizes across the five-day series. Over 2,200 players took in the 20 event schedule. Over INR 33 lakhs was awarded in the Main Event alone! The PGOL Main Event became the largest-ever in India, with Griboshin 'grib' Vellanthrov outlasting the record 337 entry-field, collecting a total of INR 6.82 Lakhs, with INR 3.41 Lakhs in prize money and an equal amount of INR 3.41 Lakhs in Bonus! The win also propelled 'grib' to the top of the PGOL Leaderboard, with a huge margin, allowing him to claim another INR 75,000, taking his total earnings to INR 7.5 lakhs!

The signs were clear for this huge turnout a couple of days prior at the INR 10K High Roller event which drew a massive total of 129 entries. Mumbai's Ankur 'ankur' Dewani was last man standing in this big ticket event and for his 10k investment, Ankur collected INR 3.30 Lakhs for winning the event!